Sticker printing

Sport Event Print prepares many different types of stickers in both large and small production runs (including single runs) for both interior and exterior use. Digital printing is used most often. Turnaround time is 1 to 3 days. The sticker shape, size, and colours are customizable. We both print and cut the stickers.

Self-adhesive film is printed in rolls, which are waterproof and unbreakable. Made from polyester, it retains its characteristics in any weather conditions. If necessary laminated. 

Stickers print   Uzlīmes druka

Wide format digital printing on ECO adhesive film 720dpi:

Quantity m² Price EUR/m2
1-4 11,00
5-10 10,00
11-50 9,00
51-300 7,00
301 and more    6,00


* All prices of printing includes white economic adhesive film, 80 microns.

* Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

*All prices are given in EUR without VAT.


Our assortment includes printable as well as plotter-cut vinyl in various tones and colors, which we use for different projects:

  • Economical vinyl:
    • Matte and glossy, transparent – for various stickers, lables, signboards, tablets, and booths (komatex, foam-board, cardboard)
    • Using removable adhesive (matte, glossy) – short-term application up to 1-2 months, for applying promotional materials to shop windows and cars (no adhesive residue)
    • Blockout vinyl (mat, glossy) – opaque sticker that can be used over existing stickers – has a grey or black backing.
  • High quality adhesive film (self-adhesive) - we use the latest series of Avery adhesive films, which are exceptionally durable and resilient: 
    • diversely toned and coloured plotter film
    • white, printable self-adhesive vinyl
  • Perforated vinyl - for covering shop windows and cars. Micro perforations allow light to pass through.
  • Backlite - dispersive film used for light-boxes. Usually used to cover polycarbonate or glass. Available in various tones and colors or printable.
  • Etc.



 Auto stickers print

The most popular automobile decals are plotter cut on vinyl films of various tones. These are used for preparing inscriptions, logos, contact information, decoration as well as complete car covering (auto wrapping).

For the most durable option (guaranteed for 12 years) we offer Avery Supreme Wrapping Film in 100 different colors.  

Printed car stickers are made out of special car film (most commonly it is white polymer adhesive film Avery series, for exploitation of up to 6 years). After the printing of the sticker it is lacquered, to ensure a long-term fixity and protection from UV rays and the abrasive impact of environment. The costs depend on size, exploitation length, plottering, lacquering and other factors. You will receive a precise price of sticker printing when you will send us a layout and tell us about your wishes.

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